Ghosts and zombies aren’t the only scary things at Halloween — the sugar count on candy bars and spooky treats can be pretty frightening, too. The average trick-or-treater consumes an unnerving 3 cups of sugar in Halloween candy, equating to about 220 sugar packets.

But swearing off all Halloween candy isn’t necessarily the answer. Depriving yourself can lead to cravings, sending you straight to the candy bowl after the trick-or-treaters have left. Instead, keeping portion sizes in check and enjoying only your favorite treats is a much more reasonable approach to the occasion.

Luckily, most Halloween treat options come in individual packs that make portion control easier. We recommend keeping snacks to about 10 grams of sugar (about 2 teaspoons) to avoid major blood sugar spikes and crashes.

Here’s what 10 grams of sugar looks like in some of your favorite Halloween treats. You might be surprised how they stack up to healthier choices like fruit.

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